Smart city projects

1. High Speed Connectivity 

In an ever-changing modern economy, access to fast and reliable internet and cloud services is a must-have for any business or start-up.  

The City of Unley has partnered with GigCity to develop an ultra-fast and affordable fibre network – directly linking the Civic Precinct with 23 other innovation precincts hosting 390 businesses across South Australia. 

GigCity is available at the Unley Civic Precinct on Unley Road where it will service the Edmund Cottages Business Hub providing 35 businesses with internet speeds up to 10 gigabits per second. 

In all other parts of the city, NBN business internet is available offering speeds up to near-1 gigabit per second. 

A range of network providers offer 5G coverage with approximately 90% of the Unley area able to access speeds up to 600mbps wirelessly. 

2. Supporting your Business

The “Your Business” Portal provides 24/7 access to important information and services to support our local businesses. 

From information regarding how to start a business, Council regulations and approvals, what’s happening in Unley, business news and more, “Your Business” will help you to start, maintain and grow your business in Unley. 

3. Smarter Transport  

Enabling movement around our city and attracting visitors is a priority for Council and is being supported by smart technology. 

Council has installed electric vehicle charging stations in key locations that encourage our community to adopt sustainable and electric vehicles. 

Unley is one of three Councils in South Australia to partner with e-Scooter operators to provide a fast and sustainable alternative transport option for short journeys and daily commutes within Unley and into the neighbouring Adelaide CBD. 

A Smart Parking app and smart parking sensors in key retail and business districts are making it easier for our customers to find car parks in our city. 

Sensor controlled lighting provides safe walking and bicycling through our parks and pathways at night-time. 

4. Smart Community

The City of Unley is a high socioeconomic area with higher levels of education, professional based employment, and digital literacy. 

We engage strongly with our community to understand their needs, and we also seek their ideas and input into making our city a better place to live, work, visit and do business. 

Shaping Unley is an innovative Digital Deliberation platform, pioneered by the City of Unley, whereby we seek genuine involvement in generating ideas and informing decision making from community members who sign-up online. 

By involving our residents and business owners we are able to create policy, programs and services that are more in-line with their needs. 

5. Sensors and Data 

Council has deployed IoT sensors across the city to capture data and information about our city’s infrastructure, environment and how people use our services.  

Environmental sensors measure weather, noise, and air quality.  

In our parks, barbeque, bin, and amenities sensors show how our facilities are being used and let us know when to perform cleaning and maintenance.  

Pedestrian sensors show how people move through our city locations and our digital information kiosks allow people to find services and local businesses more quickly. 

Sensor data is informing how we improve our services and helping us respond faster, and often predict, our community’s needs. 

6. Smart Environment

Council is committed to finding smarter ways to create a sustainable environment together with our community. 

Protecting and growing our Urban Forest is a key priority. In 2021 Council pioneered a world-first innovation by building a “digital twin” of our city’s trees.  

Over several years, detailed models of our tree canopy were captured using LiDAR imaging technology mounted on planes. Scientific analysis of the models is showing us how our urban forest is changing over time and helping us identify which factors lead to loss of our trees. 

An online app MyCanopy allows our community to view canopy over their property and understand how they can contribute to protecting our city’s trees.