Economic Development Advisory Committee

Intersection at Greenhill Road

In March 2023, Council established a new Economic Development Advisory Committee to help shape business growth and strategy for the City of Unley.

The Committee’s role includes:

providing strategic advice (relating to the growth and development of the City of Unley's economy and general business environment).

making recommendations to Council (regarding how funds should be spent to support main streets and business precincts across the Unley Council region).

focusing on issues and opportunities across the Council area; and

identifying opportunities to position the City of Unley as a leader in the field of business and economic development.

The newly appointed Council formalised the committee and its members at the March 2023 Council meeting.

The Committee is made up of eight members (a maximum of six and minimum of four independent members, plus two Elected Members) for a period of two years. The members (and their LinkedIn profiles) are listed below: