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The City of Unley welcomes and actively encourages film companies, commercial photographers, educational institutions, film studios, television stations and the public to utilise Unley’s city streets and recreational areas for media production.

To minimise inconvenience to residents and to ensure filming activity complies with Council requirements regarding issues such as public liability, safety and public notification.

You WILL need to lodge a permit application if you are:

  • part of a commercial business or media production company
  • a not-for-profit organisation or
  • a student.

You WILL need a permit if you want to:

  • use the city streets, footpaths, parks and precincts
  • close or have exclusive use of public areas such as parks, roadways and footpaths
  • use freestanding equipment such as lighting, generators, dolly tracks and tripods that could be a danger to the public or restrict public use of an area.
  • have cables on the ground in a public area.

You WILL NOT need a permit if you want to film on private property within the City of Unley. However, when filming on private property:

  • no car parking spaces are to be barricaded/blocked for filming
  • no other car parking or traffic movements are to be interfered with
  • provide advance notice to surrounding neighbours as a matter of courtesy.

How to apply?


Step 1.Read

Filming in Unley Guidelines and Conditions(PDF, 216KB)

The guidelines include conditions and advice on:

  • Filming on arterial roads
  • Filming on residential/business roads
  • Filming in public spaces and facilities
  • Filming times
  • Resident and business notification
  • Noise regulations
  • Indemnity and liability
  • Support vehicles
  • Drones
  • Tracking vehicles
  • Changes to speed limits
  • Safety regulations.

Step 2.You will need

  • A copy of your Public Liability Insurance to a minimum value of $20 million dollars.
  • An example of a notification letter informing impacted residents or businesses.
  • A map or description of the delivery area for notification letters.
  • Any filming taking place on roads, streets or footpaths that restrict public access require a Traffic Management Plan(PDF, 490KB)
  • The placement of any hoarding, equipment or goods on a Council road or reserve requires submission of a Hoarding Application Form(PDF, 490KB) .

Step 3.Costs

There is no charge for processing a filming application; however, Council will charge for the use of its facilities and assets in accordance with its Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Step 4.Timeframe

Allow 10 working days prior to filming for Council to process your application.

Step 5.Apply online

Apply now