Public swimming pools & spas

Swimmer doing laps in swimming pool

Public pools and spas pose potential health risks if not properly maintained. Disease causing organisms live and multiply in pool water that has not been properly treated and can result in eye, ear, skin and intestinal infection. Inadequate chemical balance of pool water can also cause skin rashes and conjunctivitis.

Council's Environmental Health Section inspects public pools and spas ensuring that they are maintained in accordance with the requirements of the South Australian Public Health Act 2011, the South Australian Public Health (General) Regulations 2013 and the Standard for the Operation of Swimming Pools and Spa Pools in South Australia.

Public swimming pool inspections

When inspecting public swimming pools, Environmental Health Officers look at a variety of requirements, including:

  • The pool being fitted with an automatic doser;
  • The levels of disinfectant, pH & alkalinity;
  • Regular testing; and 
  • Operator's knowledge.