Signage and merchandise display on footpath

1. Business Signage

There are several types of business signs that DO NOT require the approval of Council, including:

  • Sandwich board signs, provided they are of a certain size and dimension, are placed in certain locations on the footpath and are removed when the business is closed. Please refer to by-law 4 - Moveable signs(PDF, 268KB).
  • Existing Business Signs, if the name or message of the business is changing; and
  • New signs, if the building is primarily used for retail, commercial, office, or business purposes and the signage is:
  1. displayed or erected above any verandah (if the verandah is no more than 3.7m above ground level);
  2. not internally illuminated; 
  3. does not have a moving or flashing image;
  4. does not reflect light and distract motorists; or
  5. advertising the sale or lease of the property, is no more than 4 square metres in area, and is removed within two weeks of the property being sold or leased.

2. Road Banners

Individual traders, the general community and organisations can hire road banner sites to promote:

  • cultural events;
  • sporting event;
  • special events;
  • services specific to the residents and businesses of the City of Unley; and
  • health and educational services that directly relate to the community of Unley.

Find out more about road banners or apply to install a road banner on the City of Unley's website.