Liquor licensing

1. When does a business require a liquor licence?

The manufacture, selling or consumption of alcohol to the public generally requires a liquor licence from Consumer and Business Services (CBS), the state government agency responsible for liquor licensing.

Depending on what type of business you have, you may need to apply for a:

  • restaurant and catering liquor licence;
  • general and hotel liquor licence;
  • on premises liquor licence;
  • liquor production and sales licence;
  • event endorsement for short term (five years) licence;
  • wine export licence;
  • short term liquor licence;
  • small venue liquor licence;
  • club liquor licence;
  • packaged liquor sales licence;
  • short term (five year) liquor licence;
  • residential liquor licence; or an
  • interstate direct sales licence. 

2. Before applying for a liquor licence

Commonly in the City of Unley, a development application is required prior to a liquor licence if:

  • you are changing the use of land (for instance, changing from a house or office to a café or restaurant);
  • you are wanting to change a condition of approval regarding hours of operation of a café or restaurant;
  • you are increasing the seating capacity of the café or restaurant; or
  • you wish to manufacture liquor from your home.

3. Applying for a liquor licence 

Businesses who require a liquor licence must lodge their liquor licence application with CBS. CBS will then forward the application to Council to make comment on whether planning approval or a variation to an approval is required. 

Apply for a liquor licence

If you have any questions about getting a new liquor licence for your business, early contact with Council's Development Team will help you understand the process, timing involved and approvals that will be required prior to lodging your liquor licence application. You can contact Council's Development Team by phone on (08) 8372 5111 or

Please note: renewing your existing liquor licence doesn’t ordinarily require Council involvement.

4. When businesses don’t need a liquor licence

Businesses do not need a liquor licence if they are:

  • providing bed and breakfast style accommodation for visitors;
  • selling gifts that include liquor; or
  • providing it complimentary to customers

*Conditions apply. For full details regarding when you do not need a liquor licence, visit the CBS website.