What is a smart city?

A smart city is a city that uses communication technology and data to improve environmental sustainability, quality of life and the way people work in or visit a city.

There are three major steps to building a smart city:

Collecting data

Information (data) about a city can be collected via devices, sensors and systems that measure and monitor conditions; e.g. through smart lighting poles, smart phones, smart watches, foot traffic counters, CCTV cameras, environmental sensors etc.


Communicating data

Communicating data involves transmitting the data from devices, sensors and systems (Internet of Things) to applications that can analyse and manage the data in real-time.


Analysing data

Analysing the data collected turns that data into intelligence, helping to perfect operations, predict what is likely to happen next and inform decision making to improve quality of life, sustainability, efficiency and more. 


A robust and thriving economy

The City of Unley is committed to nurturing an environment that supports prosperous precincts, successful businesses, strategic investment, connectivity and innovation.

Having access to data about our city provides investors and business operators with the information they need to understand where and why they should invest in Unley.

Investment in infrastructure like the GigCity network supports businesses with access to an ultra-fast and affordable fibre network, linking the Unley Civic Precinct with 23 other innovation precincts across South Australia.

With internet speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, this infrastructure helps to support business growth and investment and attract hi-tech, creative and innovative industries to the City of Unley. 

Smart Plan

A Smart Plan for the City of Unley 2023-2027(PDF, 2MB) outlines how technology and data will be used to support the delivery of: 

  • Safe, connected spaces and vibrant, creative places
  • A resilient and sustainable urban environment
  • An empowered and engaged community
  • A robust and thriving economy

You can find out more about Council's vision, goals and projects for a smart future-ready Unley here.