Industry profile

Pairing what you know about a local community with what you know about a local economy can provide you with some valuable economic insights, help you identify new business opportunities and influence your investment decisions.

Home to 38,915 people, and more than 5,600 businesses, Unley supported 22,625 local jobs in 2020/21 and a Gross Regional Product (GRP) of $3.27 billion.

With over 5,500 jobs representing 24.4% of total employment in the area, it is the Health Care & Social Assistance industry sector that is our largest employer, followed by:

  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (3,201 people or 14.1%)
  • Education and Training (1,904 people or 8.4%)

In combination these three fields accounted for 10,636 workers (47%) of the local workers in the City of Unley in 2020/21.

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