Food business notification

Before you start a food business

A food business is a business, enterprise or activity (other than a primary food production business) that involves the handling of food intended for sale, or the sale of food. This includes business, enterprise or activity that is of a commercial, charitable or community nature.

All food businesses, from major food manufacturers to the local school that holds a fair once a year, have defined responsibilities under the legislation to ensure the safety of food.

One of the requirements of the Food Act 2001 is that food business operators must officially notify Council before commencing operation of their food business, or when ownership changes. This can be done by completing and submitting a food business notification form.

Submit a food business notification 

Temporary event / business selling of food 

All temporary events involving the sale of food, must officially notify Council too. Individual food stalls at events are required to complete a temporary food business notification form, which must be returned to Council prior to the date of the event. A temporary food business notification form is required for all sporadic operations where a regular food business notification is not suitable. 

For operation of a food business at markets, you must submit a regular food business notification form (not just a temporary events notification). This is to ensure that a notification number can be provided to your market coordinator as evidence of your compliance with this aspect of the Food Act 2001.

Submit a temporary food business notification

If you are co-ordinating or organising a temporary event with multiple food stalls, please visit Planning an Event to submit an Event Permit Application Form.