Age friendly business

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Older people represent a large segment of the population that are likely to shop locally and reward businesses that meet their needs by becoming repeat customers.

Improving access and service in a way which meets their unique needs benefits both customers and businesses.

Age friendly business - the numbers add up

Age-Friendly-Business-Population.png 40% of City of Unley's total population is above 50 years of age.

Age-Friendly-Business-Income.png The majority of disposable income is held by those over 60 years of age.

Age-Friendly-Business-State.png South Australian population is ageing faster than any other mainland state.

Age-Friendly-Business-Shop.png Older people are more likely to shop locally.


How to be involved as a business owner

Join the City of Unley’s Age Friendly Business program to improve the customer experience of your older customers.

Our leaflet and Age Friendly Business Checklist(PDF, 105KB) can assist you to understand the needs of older patrons and the benefits of implementing age friendly improvements to business premises and services.

Businesses that commit to the program will be recognised and promoted and receive an ‘Age Friendly Trader’ sticker which they can display in their shop windows with pride.