Public art & murals

Wall mural on side of building on South Road

1. Public art and murals

If you are interested in commissioning any form of public art, including murals or stobie pole art, an expression of interest form should be submitted to Council’s Cultural Development Coordinator. See these examples of high quality public art along our main streets for inspiration.

Before submitting your expression of interest in commissioning public artworks, you will need to consider the following:

  • an appropriate budget to pay professional artists and materials;
  • location of artwork;
  • size of artwork;
  • property owner’s permission;
  • local and state heritage building status;
  • development and building approval;
  • WHS and permit requirements;
  • public access issues during installation;
  • ongoing maintenance issues;
  • insurance for all phases of the development, installation and lifetime of the artworks;
  • engagement with other local businesses, trader association and wider community;
  • themes for the artworks sympathetic to the environment;
  • artworks that are not considered commercial advertising i.e. business name or logos will not be accepted. Concepts should be submitted to Council to ensure there are no planning issues;
  • artworks that do not vilify any person or group, are not racist or sexist, or support illegal activity; and a
  • timeframe to start and complete artworks. 

Submit your public artworks expression of interest

2. Stobie poles

Stobie pole art needs the permission of SA Power networks as well as approval from the Council in which the stobie pole resides. Before painting a stobie pole you should consider:

  • that not all Stobie poles are suitable for painting;
  • approval has been obtained from SA Power Networks;
  • approval has been obtained from the City of Unley;
  • imagery of the finished works, artists names and details will need to be supplied to both SA Power Networks and the local council for records;
  • the painted image shall not be higher than 2.0 metres from ground level;
  • the artwork on the poles does not constitute commercial advertising e.g. business name or logo, political material, local messages or directions or any other material likely to offend;
  • consulting with the residents directly adjacent the proposed stobie pole site prior to commencement and gain their approval to paint;
  • you are responsible for any ongoing maintenance of the artwork, and understand if the artwork is tagged, SA Power Networks will paint over the work at their discretion. The use of an anti-graffiti coating should be considered once completed (if the work is to be on display long term); and
  • during the painting process, consideration should be given to the safety of the participants and the public, e.g. use of orange cones, high visibility vests etc. where appropriate.

The full process of approval for stobie pole art can be found here.

For any questions or further advice and direction regarding public art, murals or stobie pole art, please contact Council’s Cultural Development Coordinator at