Home-based food business facts

Customers buying sweets at local event

A home-based food business uses a residential home to prepare food for sale. This can include preparing food for local markets, school canteens, catered events, bed and breakfasts, farm-stays, childcare businesses or online orders.

Like other food businesses, home-based food businesses must obtain Council approval, undergo Council inspections and meet all food safety standards in line with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

With some home-based food businesses considered high risk, anyone interested in starting one is strongly advised to contact an Environmental Health Officer to discuss whether their business proposal is viable and to ensure they are able to comply with the safety standards required for the type of food activity they are planning. Please note: Council is likely to approve low risk business proposals only.

For more information regarding home-based food businesses, please refer to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards

You can contact an Environmental Health Officer by visiting the City of Unley’s Civic Centre at 181 Unley Rd Unley, phoning (08) 8372 5111 or e-mailing pobox1@unley.sa.gov.au, marked “Attention Health Department”.