Your city, your vision

Published on 15 April 2024


If you were asked what you’d like the City of Unley to look like in 25 years’ time, how would you respond? What would you like to see more of, less of, what do you think we need to do now to prepare for 2050? Well, now's your chance to tell us what you see!

Towards 2050 will be the next iteration of the City of Unley’s Community Plan, a critical document that sets out the long-term vision, goals, and objectives for the City of Unley and helps to keep us focused on supporting the lifestyle, economy, activities, facilities, and services you expect.

In developing Towards 2050, we will assess what has changed since the Community Plan 2033 was released, how we can respond to new challenges and opportunities to meet our community's changing needs and if there are any gaps in our long-term planning.

Your city, your vision....What do you see?

As business owners, operators and workers in Unley, this is your city and we want to know what your vision for Unley's future is. You can share your vision with us by completing our short online survey anytime until Sunday 5 May 2024.

Your feedback will be used together with other data, insights and community feedback to inform a new vision for the City of Unley and ultimately a new Community Plan to pave the path towards 2050. 

For more information or to complete the survey, visit Your Say Unley today! 


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