Unley Life is there for Your Business

Published on 20 June 2022

Business operator sitting in his store

The City of Unley’s quarterly magazine ‘Unley Life’ covers a range of topics we feel are important to our community. These include things like announcements about funding programs which assist our residents to stay healthy and connected, or to keep informed.

Stories include major projects which enhance our city’s liveability, social programs for all age groups through our libraries and community centres, to services we provide which assist with transport and recreation, there’s always a lot to discover in the magazine.

An important component of Unley Life are the stories from our business operators, large and small. In every issue we aim to include a mix of the 2,000 or more businesses in our city to include medical clinics, fitness centres, food and beverage outlets, education services, retail, art, craft, and giftware – covering the whole gamut of business offerings.

In early 2022, Council made the decision not to include paid advertising in Unley Life.

However, we wish to assure our business community that we will continue to feature a mix of new and established businesses in the magazine’s business pages, to keep our readers informed and to encourage them to support local business.

We hope you enjoy exploring Your Business.

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